Safety is a DeFi !

Amastan IESC

(Informatics Engineering Services Company)

Listening to our customers and in full coordination with them we customize our services to their needs.

Our team of “top gun” professionals:

  • Ph.D. in Computer, GPS, Imaging and Robotics
  • Networks and Telecommunications Engineer,
  • Application Engineer Mobile and Web
  • System Engineer and Expert Data Bases Microsoft
  • Certified Expert Open Source Linux
  • Expert en RA (Risk Assesments) RM (Risk Management) GRC (Governance Risk Compliance),
  • ‟White Hat” (ex Hacker)
  • Graphic Designer

All confirmed professionals in cyber security and information technologies areas.

All Amastan products are developed and carried out in compliance with specifications quality process according to ISO 27001/27007 international standards.

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