Safety is a DeFi !

Everyday secure mobile messaging ...

Anticipate innovation and keep several steps ahead hackers with our secure messaging unparalleled application!

SoConect is a friendly self-service instant messaging, totally secure by end-to-end encryption that thwarts all techniques known to date to prevent all intrusion interceptions.

Our email encryption features our SoC standard, a unique random and ephemeral encryption, which includes a infinite number of combinations for each user and each query non using either a Boolean function, or a key exchange, the message to be encrypted being part of the encryption mechanism and carrying an ID, GPS position data with a repudiation value correlated function.

In the current state of information technology, a reverse engineering would be impossible because our SoC standard does not use mathematical formula, equation, or number to factor removing all these potential weaknesses points. Each application is independent and no information is stored.

A SoConect feature allows its members to send and receive messages in the closeness radius they have themselves predetermined by choice.

Our goal was not only to guarantee the security and confidentiality and to find effective antidotes to all kind of attacks but to permanently maintain a safe distance ahead of them!

To reach this objective Amastan developed SoConect Global Mail which is the only independent secure messaging application on the market including authentication factors and independent safety.

SoConect offers friendliness, freedom and simplicity to its users with an unmatched security standard to date, based on :

  • A proprietary application installed through a trusted platform (Appstore, GooglePlay, SamApps...) generating a unique ID. This application features a biometric recognition module and / or a password.
  • A SoC standard encryption ephemeral and unique to each user where the data is part of the encryption mechanism itself. This totally innovative technology thwarts all interception techniques and 100% guarantee data protection and integrity. This encryption uses geo-location as authentication factor to secure and guarantee the transaction.

SoConect Global Mail will be free in its basic function; our member’s users will have the option to pay to enjoy additional features.

Experience the innovation, become an early member and be a precursor, reserving today your mobile application SoConect ( Registration)

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