Safety is a DeFi !

Mobile payment: Secure financial transaction

Bankrypt is a new payment system that embeds crypto-currency and especially our IAMIN token. You will be able to buy sell transfer money nearby or remotely with a strong authentication and reducing actions for validation.

The latest hackers’ advances constantly challenge the security of payment which is their priority target. These attacks use computer viruses developed to retrieve information entered on the PC to suit the mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet...).

These new mobility terminals are increasingly targeted since the mobile systems’ evolution makes it more frequently used. To date, the majority of these systems have unfortunately suffered successful numerous attacks causing significant financial losses, increasing distrust among users against this means of payment with effect of curbing the development of their expansion.

From this point, the need to create an authentication system able to secure financial transactions, which provides security and easy use, has led us to analyze the different techniques used by hackers to hijack and steal information. Our goal was not only to find effectives antidotes but over it to permanently maintain an edge on them! With this objective, Amastan has developed a payment solution which is the only one on the market to offer four independent authentication and security factors.

BanKrypt is an independent solution for financial transactions (payment, sending and receiving money) attached to the IAMIN crypto currency or to bank accounts and running SaaS.

BanKrypt offers freedom and simplicity to its users with an unmatched security standard to date, based on:

  • A proprietary application installed through a trusted platform (Appstore, GooglePlay, SamApps ...) generates a unique ID once the identity of the user is properly verified and registered. This application features a biometric recognition module and / or a password.
  • A SoCryptic virtual keyboard with dynamic and random display for each transaction with a new arrangement to each entry, and its unique encryption system generated for each use which provides endless number of combinations.
  • A single SoC encryption for each user where the data are part of the encryption mechanism itself. This thwarts any technical interception and guaranty the protection and integrities of data. This encryption uses geo location as authentication factor to secure and guarantee the transaction.
  • A shopping application, including a payment module that:
    • In case of physical purchase the application ensure that the mobile customer is present inside the shop through repudiation factor due to geo location.
    • In case of online sales, the application generates for each transaction a secure QR with a 4 digits code, which will appear on the merchant site screen. This code, unique to each transaction, must be entered by the client using the virtual keyboard of the mobile application in order to validate the payment.
  • Unique ID to each transaction

Amastan protects your personal data and stores all your sensitive data under encrypted form on secure servers ocated in France in an ultra secure PCI-DSS environment.

No data is stored on a mobile device. None of your personal data is transmitted by merchant’s server because all our transactions are in direct communication with Amastan secure servers.

When transferring data we use encryption protocols (SSL and SoC). Amastan performs security audits and tests of regular load. Data access and security services are stringently checked and logged according to a standardized schedule. Our policies and safety guidelines are carefully documented and regularly checked. Detailed wikis incident response has been established to ensure adequate data protection in case of emergency.

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