Safety is a DeFi !

Basic Principles

A quick and easy download for your safety and peace throughout the year !

Initialization :

  • Download of a bridled provisional encrypted application via a trusted platform: Appstore, Play Store, Windows, Samsung and Amazon
  • Membership and customer identification based on criteria adapted to each specific platform
  • Encrypted transmission of unique data related to IMEI, phone number and GPS position or for a PC, IP, processor serial number, phone number, under SoC standard to Amastan servers
  • Origination of a unique ID with a pin code issuance via SMS and login via 4G /5G to be entered by user for validation
  • Finalization and unclamping followed by encryption loading after data correlation checking

Use :

  • Easy user authentication by biometrics and pin
  • Transaction, access, transmission and validation via secure QR Code or Login or ephemeral Pin to each request
  • Encrypted transmission with autonomous, random and dynamic unique encryption for each device and each use with geo localization correlation
  • Authentication and transactions processed by three separate channels SMS, 4G/5G, DTN with four or five independents factors of authentication fully transparents to the user

A total inviolability with great ease of use !

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