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SoCryptic : virtual keyboard encrypted dynamic random display

A SoCryptic virtual keyboard with dynamic and random display for each transaction with a new arrangement to each entry, and its unique encryption system generated for each use which provides endless number of combinations.

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SoCryptic virtual keyboard

A digital virtual keyboard or alphanumeric, patented technology, with a unique encryption generated at each use, including a number of endless combinations with dynamic random display on smartphone, tablet PC... used for alphanumeric input through a website, mobile and fixed applications, PLC and all other devices requiring input information using a virtual keyboard requiring to protect confidentiality and integrity seizures especially against embezzlement techniques known and used so far.

Fiche Produit

SoCryptic keyboard is suitable for all devices using management password to access resources (website, mobile and fixed applications, PLC etc..) and any other devices requiring informations to ensure the confidentiality and the integrity of seizures especially against embezzlement techniques known and used today keylogger type virus provided keylogger, Man in Middle, screenshot, last fault Watering hole on ie.

Use cases: mobile payments, remote access management, banking website, E-trade, M-trade, secure website ...

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