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SoC unique encryption for each user with GPS data correlation

A single SoC encryption for each user where the data are part of the encryption mechanism itself.
This thwarts any technical interception and guaranty the protection and integrities of data.
This encryption uses geo location as authentication factor to secure and guarantee the transaction.

With our technology anticipate the innovation and start where the others stop!

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SoC encryption

This SoCryptic Innovation’s technology is a process of dynamic random encryption (and decryption) datas with a endless number of combinations, unique for each user and each query using either a Boolean function, or a key exchange, the encrypted message is a part of the encryption mechanism, carrying an ID, GPS position datas with a correlation function using as a repudiation system and running with client/server architecture.

With current technologies, a reverse engineering would be impossible because it does not use mathematical formula, equation or number to factor thus it removes all these potential weaknesses.

Our SoC encryption finds its place in any application running under a client/server environment carrying alphanumeric datas and where integrity and confidentiality must be preserved.

Use Cases: payment management, remote access management, instant messaging ...

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